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Online MYOB Training Course - Institute of Certified Bookkeepers
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 MYOB Online Bookkeeping Training Course

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As a student you can watch the online MYOB training videos as often as you want, print the training workbooks and go through the step-by-step exercises and use the knowledge reviews to test your skills.

In 2011 we introduced LIFETIME Membership, in 2012 we announced Student Community and Tutor Support as an enrolment option, in 2013 we introduced the EzyLearn Affiliate Program and in 2014 we're building an MYOB bookkeeper directory for all of our students so we can help them find work or start a bookkeeping business. This is your MYOB training resource for the rest of your working life!

Our course includes MYOB training knowledge reviews to test your new skills and provide you with the learning resources to review your answers and go over the learning material so you get it right the next time.


Everything's included!

Unlike some of the larger MYOB training centre companies our online course includes everything. It's one price for all courses (and new courses we create):
  • MYOB Setup (course 501)
  • MYOB Day-to-Day (course 502)
  • MYOB Bank Reconciliation (course 503)
  • MYOB Reporting, GST and BAS (course 504)
  • MYOB Payroll (course 505)
See the full list of training video topics in our MYOB Bookkeepers Course Outline.

How do you learn?

Our online MYOB training course uses a combination of training videos, workbooks with exercises and knowledge review with references to the training material if you need to go and revisit some of the training material.

There are over 175 instructional training videos which progress from setup skills, including customising the various forms, to creating customer and supplier cards, entering day to day transaction including invoices, purchases, payments, credits, statements to reconciling your bank account. Also included is MYOB reporting to provide training on how to produce Balance Sheets (Financial Position) and Profit and Loss (Income) Statements. 

Our MYOB Reporting, GST and BAS training videos, workbooks and knowledge reviews give you the knowledge to understand how to calculate your liabilities so you can generate your BAS using MYOB's BASlink.

Content is regularly updated

When you are an EzyLearn student your course access includes updated and newly created content during your membership period. This means that you'll never need to pay for another MYOB course.


EzyLearn's online MYOB training courses comes with the assurance of a 30-Day money-back guarantee.


 How MYOB training online course works              enrol into online MYOB training course


How are you assessed?  

At the end of each module in the Day to Day, Payroll and Bank Reconciliation modules is an assessment task which tests your new-found skills.

You have the opportunity to attempt each Knowledge Review 3 times (we provide tips on where to find the correct information) to help your skills improve.

The assessments are thorough and wide-ranging in scope but you can feel free to attempt our basic MYOB Skills Quiz if you want to see how much you already know. Remember this free quiz is a very simple example of online assessment tools, our in-course knowledge reviews are much more thorough.

After course resource.

When you complete your course you have full access to all training materials forever. That includes the training videos you've used and most importantly new training videos and workbooks that we create in the future. LifeTime membership was introduced in January this year to give you the confidence of a comprehensive resource after completing your course.

EzyLearn becomes your learning resource after the course!

More than just MYOB.

Online MYOB Training Course - Institute of Certified BookkeepersMYOB is Australia's market leading accounting software program and it is a great place to start improving your employability and value in your existing employment, but there is a learning path to higher levels of education and we want to help you in the process towards gaining a nationally recognised qualification in bookkeeping.

EzyLearn Pty Ltd is an Accredited Training Provider of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and enrolment in our MYOB courses includes the to apply for one year student membership of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers at no extra cost. The Institute of Certified Bookkepers is an industry body that provides you with access to support, resources and network meetings.

If your goal is to receive a Nationally recognised Statement of Attainment, Certificate for Partial Completion of a course and even your Certificate IV in Bookkeeping we can help you with the MYOB skills component of it (not all Cert IV courses include training on MYOB).

Committed to online training courses.

Online training courses in MYOB and Office applications like Microsoft Excel are the best way to learn. After operating three training centres in Sydney (Dee Why, Gordon and Parramatta) since 1999 our management team realised that you want to learn when you are ready rather than fit into a schedule. You also want to have good resources for when you get into the workplace and need to go over some materials as a refresher when you need it.

Educational videos and workbooks provide you with a consistent learning experience everytime and employers are confident with EzyLearn online courses because they are guaranteed that their employees will receive training on every topic in the training course outline.

How Are You Supported?

We understand that support is an important aspect of training. We also understand that good tutors and trainers with excellent product knowledge as well as empathy with students come at a cost and our aim is to provide online training services that provide you with a rich amount of training material at a price that most students can afford.

In 2011 we offered navigational and guidance support to all students to help them navigate our learning management system (if they were new to online learning). We also introduced EzyLearn ANSWERS which enables students to ask specific questions about their circumstances and receive answers via our blog.

In 2013 we introduce "Student Community and Tutor Support"as an optional extra if you want to participate. This MYOB support service aims to connect you with other students while also providing you direct contact with our MYOB Bookkeeper and Registered BAS agents.

In 2014, with so many students having gone through our MYOB Training Courses we're creating a bookkeeper directory to help them find work, but more importantly enable companies to find great bookkeepers close to them.

What if MYOB Changes?

MYOB software is updated regularly and most of the time the navigation is very similar. The screen shot below comes from the major upgrade that MYOB AccountRight Plus went through after 2011, when it was built on a different programming language to previous versions and started MYOB's journey into cloud based accounting.



When there are significant changes to MYOB software, we'll make sure that we have it covered so you can learn about it from us as part of your student membership.



MYOB Software now enables you to work locally (on your computer) or in the cloud where your data is stored safely and people can access it from anywhere using the Internet - this is a great feature for businesses who employ remote contractors and want their accountant to be able to work with the accounting file as well.  

Our MYOB Courses Relate to the Real World?

When we ran our MYOB courses in our training centres between 1999 and 2006 we had some of the very best MYOB trainers delivering our courses including Alee Cochrane, Marie Diblasio and Maria Landrelli. These ladies have been providing training for bookkeeping and accounting using MYOB software for well over 15 years.

Even when we operated our Sydney training centres in Dee Why, Gordon and Parramatta our MYOB courses were taught using real life scenarios to give students experience in using the software with examples from existing businesses. The training workbooks (which currenctly number 10) enable you to work through practical step-by-step examples using the actual software (we provide you with a source for a free download).

Some students prefer to watch the videos and then complete the knowledge reviews to test their memory, while other prefer to work through the training workbooks - either way, we provide all the learning tools so you can complete the course your own way. 

Bookkeeping Induction using MYOB

Our MYOB courses include training material that takes you through an MYOB bookkeeping induction for:

  • Setting up a business,
  • Operating a products and serviced based business that buys products and then sells them to customers with added services, and
  • Serviced based businesses like a bookeeping business, remote contractor or website developer
  • The process of employing and paying someone and reporting on the Super and other tax obligations for that person
  • End of period reporting like BAS, End of Month and End of Year.
  • Process of buying an asset and depreciating that asset over it's useful life

Basic Bookkeeping Training

If you don't have bookkeeping skills you'll find our courses valuable because our Regsiter BAS Agent has recorded some bookkeeping training videos that cover the fundamental terms and concepts that are used in bookkeeping, they include:

  •  Video - DIY Accounting - Charts of Accounts Resource
  •  Video - DIY Accounting - Tax Codes Resource
  •  Video - DIY Accounting - Cash Vs. Accrual Accounting Methods Resource
  •  Video - DIY Accounting - Debits-Credits-Income-Expenses Resource  


As long as you have confident computer skills and know how to use the Internet you'll be able to use our courses. To use the MYOB Software you'll need to download it and install it. Then you just need to have a good Internet connection (which most people have these days).  

Do you still have some questions?

If you have more course specific questions visit our MYOB Training Course FAQ's. See how long it takes, how we help you with the MYOB software, how support is handled and more..

You Get the Best. I Guaranteed it!

We conduct detailed evaluations at the end of each course to understand what students love about our courses, but more importantly how we can improve our course content, delivery and operations. We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee to demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction.

Come on an online learning journey and discover why they call online learning the disruptive new technology for education.  


Steve Slisar
(Managing Director)



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